Step-by-step: Shaving

1. Choosing the right time

The best time to shave is in the morning after a hot shower. That’s when your pores will be wide open and the hairs will be softer. In the evening, the skin is usually more sensitive and tired, which increases the risk of cuts and inflammation. You should shave as soon as you wake up, before having breakfast. Chewing increases the blood flow, which increases the risk of redness and inflammation. You should shave when you wake up, between your morning shower and breakfast.

2. Preparing your skin

If you haven’t had a shower before shaving, you must wash your beard. It will soften the hairs, get rid of dead skin, open your pores and clean out all impurities. So that the razor glides more easily, apply pre-shave oil.

3. Shaving

Apply shaving cream on your face

If you use shaving soap, apply the lather with a shaving brush. Run it under very hot water for 1-2 minutes before each use and shake to get rid of any excess water. The quantity of water will define the quantity of lather. Lather up the soap by rubbing it with the shaving brush. Apply on the beard with circular motions: the hairs will be softer and the skin exfoliated. Repeat several times to cover all the areas you will be shaving.

Warning: rinse the shaving brush after each use to remove all impurities. You should let it dry downwards so the water can drip and shake it slightly to separate the hairs.

Shave with the grain

Start shaving your beard on one side and progressively move on to the other. Use your free hand to pull your skin taut while you shave with your other hand. Use short motions and rinse your razor after each stroke.

After shaving

run your hand on your face to check for unshaved areas. If you find any, don’t forget to re-apply foam before shaving again. This is usually when people forget to re-apply foam and cut/irritate themselves. Tip: To find which direction your hair is growing. Sometimes, hair can grow differently on different areas of the face: cheeks, chin, and neck. To find which direction it’s growing, simply run your hand on your face. If you feel it “resisting”, it means you’re going against the grain. You should shave with the grain to avoid inflammation. If your beard is tough, you might have to shave against the grain for a cleaner, quicker result. If you do, don’t forget to apply aftercare.

Rinse your face with cold water.

The freshness will soothe your skin and cold water will close your pores.

Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Do not rub !

If you cut yourself, don’t forget to disinfect the cut. To soothe, hydrate and soften your skin, apply aftershave cream


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