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Pop Color

Pop Color

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  • Direct application
  • Semi-permanent
  • Fades after 8 washes

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Flashy hair color Pop Color by Hairgum

The Hairgum Pop Color is a semi-permanent hair colour, an innovative formula without hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, for direct use. Pop Color is a range of 16 shades, from intense red to flashy green, and one additive to give colours a pastel shade.


Nuancier Pop Color by Hairgum

All hair types. Individual strands, shaded, or a full pop or pastel look.
For all those who love to be different. Pop Color is the essential complement to "trash" styles.

Key ingredients
Preservative free
Glycol Propylene: Moistening. It softens hair and makes it easier to untangle.

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2 Fl.Oz : €.10.00 incl. FR tax / €8.33 excl. tax

Made in France

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Additional Information

Usage tips

How to use it
Bleach your hair white so it's porous enough. Dry it.
Use Hairgum Hair Wax to protect your forehead.
Use an applicator brush to  apply POPCOLOR on your roots and spread it down. Leave on for 30min at room temperature and rinse.
For darker colours, rinse longer with hot water. For lighter colours, a thourough rinse will do.
To customize your hair colour, you can mix POPCOLOR hair colours together and create your own colour.

Maintaining your hair colour
Use a shampoo for coloured hair to protect your colour.
No other treatment is necessary for POPCOLOR..
The colour will fade after 6 to 10 shampoos, depending on how porous your hair is. Please note that darker shades will last longer.
Avoid alkaline shampoos as those will accelerate the fading. To revive your colour, you can re-apply POPCOLOR on your hair after three weeks.

Apply to a small patch of skin 48h before, in order to avoid allergies. Do not use if inflamed, and do not use on brows or eyebrows. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Keep away from children. Use gloves and protect the skin around your hair.


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