Welcome to Mr Ducktail's world, a hairdresser addicted to switchblade rockabilly hairstyles. He's a Frenchy who's been living in London since 2008, where he opened his own salon, ''It's Something Hell's'' with his wife Miss Betty. Located in Kingly Court, at the very heart of London, it's quickly become the real place for all those nostalgic for the 50s. Retro design salon, rock'n'roll hairdresser, pin-ups and hair grease...



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Yoann Stuck

The story of Hairgum & Yoann Stuck began in Ecully in 2016, when Yoann came into our first ever barber shop looking for a trim.
He was a runner and athlete, and we were a leading brand in professional hair and beard cosmetics - and yet, it quickly became apparent that Yoann and Hairgum shared many values in common.
Stuck has a close connection with nature, and Hairgum uses only natural ingredients in our products.
The desire to push farther, dig deeper and come out on top is also what motivates us to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace of men’s cosmetics.
This shared passion for challenge, the desire to share our experience, and mutual enthusiasm for facial hair (Yoann is even nicknamed “the Beard”) are what brought Hairgum and Yoann together.
This hirsute trail runner also has his own story to tell, which can be found on his blog: Another Life).
A Hairgum user and now a regular customer at the Hairgum Barber Shop, Yoann has plenty of photos to share - be sure to check them out!