Hair salon/Barber shop wholesaler

Hairgum develops, manufactures and sells its own products for hair and beard, in France and around the world.

Hair salon wholesaler/Barber shop wholesaler

Do you own a hair salon, a barber shop or an e-shop and want to sell Hairgum products? You have two options:

  • More than 300 hair product wholesalers sell Hairgum products, in more than 30 countries.
  • To find the closest wholesaler, please check our list of resellers: Hairgum’s Wholesale Resellers
  • If there is no reseller close-by or want a home delivery, you can order directly from our professional e-shop: Hairgum Pro

Are you already a Hairgum reseller?

  • Contact us if you want to appear on our list of resellers for retail (for hairdressers, barbers or small shops) or wholesale (hair and cosmetic product wholesalers)