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Let’s meet Cedric. Hairdresser, official Hairgum’s Hairstylist

Let’s meet Cedric. Hairdresser, official Hairgum’s Hairstylist
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Let’s meet Cedric. Hairdresser, official Hairgum’s Hairstylist, he will give you his pro tips so feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below. Let’s start!

Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

“My name is Cedric, aka Didou or Daddy’O. I am 40 and I leave in the Haute-Loire county. I am a hairdresser and vintage style lover - everything related from the 20’s to 70’s. I also really like music, I am the Rock Brand New Hate band’s singer and guitarist for 11 years now.”

Who are you targeting to with these tips?

The idea is to provide articles, pics, videos, tips… The aim is to feed the readers with content which will be clear and easy to understand by anybody, and bring some tips a bit more professionals to really add a true value for hair professionals who would read the articles as well.

When and how did you start being interested in the hairdressing world?

“When I was a teen, I felt in love with the punk movement and it’s when I started my first haircuts on some of my friends. We did use some flashy colors and made some diverse designs. We did experiment a lot of them. Later, my passion for the music extended itself to the Rock’n Roll style and obviously to the haircuts related to it! We did try the Pompadour style, the flat tops or slick backs ones - more or less successfully, but it wasn’t that bad!

By this time, you were not a hairdresser. Why haven’t you chosen the classic way to learn how to be a hairdresser after high school?

“For a long time, I put the music first in my life. It allowed me to meet a lot of people but also to travel all around my country, and some others such as Switzerland, Germany or even England to play my music. But this passion asks for a lot of sacrifices… I jumped from a job to another, sometimes not fun ones, to keep my freedom and go on a tour. But I had the chance to find some nice jobs as well, for instance when I was columnist for different magazines.”

But these jobs were not hairdressing related, were they?

Right, nothing to do with hairdressing! But during all this time, I kept thinking and having nightmares about it (laughs)! About 15 years ago, I thought about becoming a barber. After a while, a long consideration and thanks to my family and friends ‘support I finally decided to go back to school and be graduated. A few years later added to a lot of work, here I am and I regret nothing!

Actually it was during your training that you started to be in touch with Hairgum, right?

It’s all right! I was a huge fan of the Hairgum’s pomades for a long time so when I started out my training, it was natural for me to use the Hairgum products – styling and shaving ones (oil beards, shampoos…). The team heard about me and contacted me through my social medias.It was a true pleasure to meet them. We went along very well and started a cooperation just a few days afterwards (videos, pics, presence on shows: MCB in Paris or Molfar in Ukraine…). And here I am now, being the Hairgum’s official stylist!

Which products are your favorite ones?

It depends on the haircut and on my mood as well. Right now, my favorite is the Road Balm. I really like the Fix Paste as well because it is really flexible. Depending on how you use it, you can style differently and have a variety of effects. The Water+ pomade is very good to precisely style moustaches too. This is the product I use on my own moustache.

What can we find in your tool case?

Based on the haircuts I plan to do; I update my tool list. Nevertheless, there are some accessories I always have with me such as scissors, combs, afro combs, brushes, clippers, blades, hairdryer, sprayers, the Hairgum Mint Tonic Lotion, some pomades (water+ and Road balm), an after shave, talc, towels, hemostatic matches.


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