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Golden rules of masculine elegance

Golden rules of masculine elegance
By Gaelle Duband April 15, 2019 564 Views No comments


Thousands of men throughtout the world wear the beard. Long or short, thin or thick, to look elegant your beard needs to be well treated.

It's not that a big deal actually, but it requests daily care. Here 4 tips to have a healthy and elegant beard :

- Shape your beard at least once a week, preparing first the hair, meaning washing and drying the beard out. Detangle your beard thanks to an antistatic comb from the roots to the tips.

- Moisturize and nourish your beard. Nobody likes touching a dry hair beard... think about your darling ! Moreover, if your beard is dry, then your skin will get irritaded. To get a silky effect, simply moisturize your beard with beard oil. Put some oil drops in your hands, heat the oil and apply it directly onto your beard massaging your hair softly. To moisturize your beard, you also can use a beard balm. Beard balms contain oils as well, plus bee wax giving a harder texture to the product. Those allowing you to make your beard tidy and hydrated.

- Brush regurlarly your beard. To do so, use a rigid hair beard brush, which allows you to keep a clean and elegant style.

- Clean out your beard. Hair from the beard are thicker than the ones on your head that's why you need to use a shampoo specially conceived for beards ! To wash your beard out, spread the shampoo all over the hair then rub and rince it out.


A trendy man is a man who cares about his styled and well shaped hair cut. Here some tips to keep healthy, silky and elegant hair :

- Wash out your hair. Even if there is no rules about hair wash frequency, a shampoo a day is clearly not a good advice as it will grease your scalp even faster. In general, washing out the hair each other day or 3 days after is even better - this even apply for people having greasy scalps. Doing 2 shampoos in a row is totally useless and will damage your scalp. To be efficient, brush your hair before shampooing and use a shampoo which fits with your hair type.

- Style your hair with a product matching with your hair type. Pomades, styling cream, fixing gels, fixing spray,... many products are available. To take care of your hair and get an elegant hair cut : choose the hairdresser that will understand your hair. A good styling product will allow you to style your hair fast, and will be easy to wash out with no residues left.


The French Elegance, a myth ? We don't think so !

10 basic clothing that a man MUST have in his wardrobe to be elegant in any circumstances !

- A white fitted shirt, THE essential in a man's wardrobe to be elegant in any circumstances !

- A suit jacket, a neutral but elegant clothing which matches with any other clothing !

- A mid-season jacket, Bombers style for an elegant and relax style. Perfect for the spring season !

- A dress shoes pair, another must have ! A pair of shoes can style an outfit so bet on leather shoes.

- A blue jean, anytime anywhere : never out of fashion.

- A bow tie : in any elegant man's wardrobe - the Hairgum's selection among Le coq en Pap's bow ties here

- A nice black trouser : for a more serious style, add a white shirt. Looking for a casual style ? Wear a nice tee shirt.

- A leather belt, essential accessory when you decide to wear the shirt in the trouser.

- Underwear, of course ! Nathalie's suggestion is the "Marius" boxer from the French brand : Le Slip Français.

- A classy suit : any elegant man must have his suit. Our advice : if you should pick only one, choose a simple one with a nice cut !

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