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February 2019

Devenez un testeur exclusif Hairgum

By M.Farre February 6, 2019 6840 Views No comments

[Nouveautés : à vous de juger]

3 nouveaux shampooings et 2 nouvelles lotions débarquent chez Hairgum !

Messieurs, nous vous offrons la possibilité d’essayer un de ces produits gratuitement et en exclusivité.

Vous souhaitez devenir un testeur exclusif ? Découvrez les produits et les conditions générales de participation.

Apricot Kernel Oil or Coconut Oil ?

By M.Farre February 4, 2019 1638 Views No comments

In 2019, Hairgum turns 30 years old!

To celebrate the Hairgum’s 30th anniversary, we let YOU choose and create the NEW Hairgum Beard Oil.

In February, you decide !

from February 4 to 8, vote on Facebook and our Instagram story, to choose the main ingredient of the new Hairgum Beard Oil.

Where does the apricot kernel oil come from ?

The apricot tree is a small tree from the Rosaceae family, which is mainly located in Europe where temperate and Mediterranean climates are found. This tree is highly renown thanks to its fruits properties. Even if the apricot is often used in the food industry, this is the oil extracted from the apricot pit that is used for medical and cosmetics purposes. The oil that we’ve selected for the creation of the new Hairgum Beard Oil is a first cold pressed oil which has been filtered and stored away from the light, in order to get a 100% organic virgin apricot kernel oil - a high quality oil.

Properties of the organic virgin apricot kernel oil:

This oil is perfect for all skin types, even the more sensitive ones.

Rich in saturated fatty acids, the apricot kernel oil brings softness to the beard. Highly nourishing, it is also known to give back strength to the skin and fight against effects of aging.

huile d'abricot Hairgum

Where does the coconut come from?

Coconut trees are mainly cultivated in Indonesia and Philippines. Coconuts can be very big, with a diameter up to 30cm. They have a thick and fibrous shell hiding a white and flavored coco flesh. Thanks to a first cold pressed process, we are able to get an organic virgin coconut oil.

Properties of the organic virgin coconut oil:

The coconut oil is well renowned for its protective and softening properties, for the skin and the beard as well. This soothing and nourishing oil, is one of the best even for the most sensitive skins. It leaves the beard shiny and in good health, with no greasy sensation.

coconut oil